Products Benefits and Features

  • 4 modes to unlock your door: Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Sensor, Password or NFC Card
  • Dual Verification Function: For additional protection, you can choose to set combination of any 2 verification modes to unlock your door.
  • Scramble Password Function: Reduce the risk of revealing your passcode. You can enter random 4 digits before and/or after the actual password to unlock your door.
  • Safety Lock Switch (child lock)
  • USB Type C interface for emergency power supply
  • Emergency Mechanical key
  • Available in Titanium Grey, Titanium Black, and Brilliant Copper
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Outer body dimensions 69(D)×77(W)×395(H)mm
Inner body dimensions 72(D)×77.5(W)×395(H)mm
Working temperature -25°C~+55°C
Working humidity 25~93% RH, non-condensing
Storage capacity of user face  20
Storage capacity of password 100
Storage capacity of fingerprint 100
Storage capacity of card 100
Mechanical Key:  2
Power supply mode 1.5VAA(LR6)alkaline batteries×8
Emergency power supply Type C interface
Exceeding the operating voltage range can cause product abnormalities or damage.
Executive standards GA374-2019

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